Allegiance: Our Heroes Not Forgotten

This great project is started by Jodi Champagne in Cooperation with Annemieke Ampe from the foundation  WW1 American Cemetery Flanders Field. Thank to her i got in contact with Jodi.


Jodi wrote a lott of books about Veterans like the Diminshing generations books about WW2,Korean and Vietnam war. She works together with Digital Delta Design. This gives a extra dimension to her books. every Story there are told  in her book, you can see live with an app. You can see how the veterans  telling there story's.

A new project of Jodi is writing a book about the family's who adopted a soldier which are buried overseas. At first step she thought it would be one book named "Allegiance: Our Heroes Not Forgotten". But after her  visit in May 2016 she had so many story's that she decited  to write to books one about world war 1 and one about World War 2.

These books will be published in Dutch and English.

Each Member wo participated to help recieved from her a Special VFW LIfe member Veterans Coin (2016/2017) and a star from a american flag (2017) to say thank you what we do for there fallen heroes.


2017 June a nice second meeting with Jodi. A lott of new adaptors joined us to participate in this great Project.


Jodi Also released this year the cover of the first book Alligiance: Our Heroes Not Forgotten for WW1,  tentative release date would be Nov 2018 as that will mare the 100 year anniversary of the ending of the war...

For more info about Jodi please visit her Website:

2017 Son & Breugel Holland Operation Market Garden

Visit Jodi at Margraten 2017

Visit Jodi at Margraten May 2016