Investigation Crashsite

In Oktober 2016 we visited the crash Location at IJmuiden.
On Sunday we met George de Vries, He helped us to locate the crash location.
He showed us also the Bunker museum. Were we got a lot of information about the Atlantic wall and the S Boat bunkers at the Havenkade.

This  was very impressive and we met a lot of people who a very  excited about our story from the "Reese Crew". One S- boat Bunker is used now as a factory.

Other structure are good Recognizable as standard Atlantic Wall Bunkers witch you find also at the french coast of Normandy.  The bunker museum is run by a number of fantastic volunteers.

They keep the story's alive.  Money for restoration are collected by donations and guided tour which are given by these volunteers.

After we talked a lot about this special location,  we leaved to visit the crash location.

George guided us to the location were the City of Velsen placed a memorial board were we laid some flowers for the "Reese Crew".


After we did that we walked to the high grass and bushes to get to the location of the crash.  The crash site is located exactly between two dunes tops. And is principe an overgrown crater. The picture below we are standing exactly on the location were the "Toid Boid"  was crashed. George could showed us also three location were the body's are found from the crew. But he did not know witch man of the crew.

It was really unreal to stand on this location. We found even some little parts of the plane. The planes splashed by the great blow in thousands of little parts. Some parts are still available on the site, without having to search very deep.

After we visited the site George handed over us some parts from the plane . Some parts are good recognizable. Like the exhaust of the engine. A belt from the 0.50 ammunition shell, A plate with rivets, a switch and some wiring. This means a lot for us and they got a temporally place at our showcase home. If the family visits us at December they can decide what to do with it.